Mapping and Localization Engineer

Autonomous Driving System Division of leading Global Automotive manufacturer is developing a research team in the US whose mission is to design and develop an autonomous research system capable of autonomous driving on pre-defined routes without the need for driver intervention.

The primary responsibility for this job is to work on software development as a part of the localization and mapping team as the localization is one of the fundamental tasks in autonomous driving.

  • Develop mapping and localization software that uses complementary sensors such as RTK GNSS, LiDAR, RADAR, camera, and IMU to achieve high localization accuracy and resilience in challenging scenes, such as urban downtown, highways, and tunnels.
  • Develop software based on novel uncertainty estimation algorithms to fuse the localization measurements from different sources.
  • Develop software tools for building the detailed localization map using several perception sensors, for example, LIDAR and camera.
  • Develop opportunistic navigation software that aims to exploit ambient radio frequency signals of opportunity (SOPs) in the environment where GNSS are insufficient for reliable anytime, anywhere navigation, particularly in deep urban canyons, and in environments under malicious attacks.
  • Work with the ADS team in the development and improvement of sensor and perception fusion required for object classification, ranging, localization, behavior, motion planning and passenger on and off boarding.
  • Integrate, test, improve and specify hardware and software to support the mapping and localization systems users.



  1. Bachelor’s degree in computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, robotics, automation or other relevant fields.
  2. Relevant software experience in industry even if in the form of internship.


  • C++ programming expertise.
  • Experience with ROS middleware.
  • Experience with computer vision, LiDAR/radar, calibration, point cloud processing.
  • Background in robotic perception and navigation algorithms with strong focus on software development.


  • Experience in software development for robot localization and navigation.
  • Knowledge of frames-of-reference, transformations between frames-of-reference, and methods for maintaining the transformations between rotating frames-of-reference.
  • Experience with sensor fusion, probabilistic perception, object tracking, data association, optimization.
  • Extensive programming experience with languages including C, C++, Python, Java, Matlab.
  • Excellent communication skills with leadership traits.

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