Mimi Peggs

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Mimi Peggs grew up on the West Coast, graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Global and International Studies. She joined ASG in 2018 and is now working as Director of Supply Chain focused on senior to executive level roles within procurement, operations, quality and logistics.

Before joining ASG, Mimi was awarded a coveted Rotary Scholarship to attend a graduate program at the University of Ghana and planned economic and community development programs with local Rotary Clubs. She started her professional career in Portland, Oregon with an agency that focused on recruiting in supply chain, human resources, and executive administration.

Fueled by her passion for being a true matchmaker, Mimi has built strong, loyal relationships with her clients and been a dedicated agent for her candidates. She owes it to her exceptional listening and consulting skills and ever-growing expertise of supply chain.

During her off time…

Mimi is most proud of the moment she met Morgan Freeman and the time she ran a marathon and survived. She has been fortunate to travel extensively and live abroad in several countries. It’s her dream to learn and speak more languages and retire on an island in the Caribbean.

Since Mimi moved to Michigan, she’s been working on her golf game and adventuring Up North on Lake Michigan with her family. When she’s not bringing home the bacon, she’s BBQing at her historic Detroit home with her husband, Drew, and their boys, Emmett (6) and Jameson (1).

Favorite Quote:  “I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think it’s how you grow.” – Marissa Mayer

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