Interim Staffing

What are you doing for your basic interim staffing needs?

Interim staffing is for temporary or contract-based hiring needs rather than a permanent full-time position. Your company can rely on temporary employees to fill your short-term needs.

Contractual staffing has many benefits:

  • Reduce long-term labor costs.
  • Shorter hiring process.
  • High amount of flexibility.
  • Decrease business liability.
  • Access to a larger talent pool.

Our Interim Staffing Process:
We work collaboratively with businesses of all sizes by understanding the culture, vision, and values that embody the spirit of their organization and workforce. This enables us to provide meaningful and effective short or long-term personnel support for special projects, targeted internal or client programs, and daily operational needs. Our team of customer service specialists would be delighted to speak with you to learn how we might add flexible options and ongoing commercial value to your business.

Our candidate process includes:

  • Assess work history and achievements.
  • Discover the candidates’ employment goals and objectives.
  • Check references.
  • Conduct background checks.

A Cohesive Collaboration with Prymus Group

Angott Search Group is pleased to have developed a strong partnership with Prymus Group to expand our hiring solutions. Sharing the similar values with the founder, Tony Cunningham, we believe in offering exceptional options for our clients and candidates in achieving their business goals.  Since 2003, Prymus Group has advanced the vision of its customers in multiple industries and business sectors that include energy and environmental, mobility and enterprise software, along with an array of private and custom methodologies and service applications.  While strengthening our respective businesses this collaborative partnership enables us to provide our customers an effective full-service resource and solutions model.

Our Value to You:
Utilizing a consultative approach, we deliver the appropriate staffing solution based on your company’s human capital needs. Our recruiters typically have real-world experience in the industries in which they recruit; they know who you need and how to reach them.

  • Our combined years of recruitment experience – over 60 years!
  • We are an extended partner of your leadership team.
  • Recruiters who care - we will customize a solution to meet your specific needs whether its contract staffing or a permanent solution down the road.
  • We manage the entire process by handling all financial and administrative responsibilities associated with contract employees.
  • Can be your company’s 360 full-service recruitment provider whether they are short-term, long-term, project specific, or permanent.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Give us a chance. Connect with us to see how we can build a partnership today.