Recruitment Services

Flexible Recruitment Solution Options

Your search needs are unique and specific—and our very first task is to work closely with you to clearly and thoroughly understand them. We’ll analyze a variety of factors, including position level, candidate criteria, urgency and others, to determine which recruitment strategy and fee structure will deliver optimum results and the highest possible return on investment. 

To ensure we can meet the unique and specific hiring objectives of each search request, ASG offers three distinct recruitment solution options.

Retained Search 

If your need is immediate, or the skills you require are in high demand, we can dedicate a team of executive recruiters to focus exclusively on your specific solution. This is a customized search process that includes in-person or virtual interviews and a firm, preset timeline of commitments. Many of our clients utilize this method to hire Director level and above positions.

Fee structure: Either a percentage of the candidate’s first-year earnings or an agreed upon flat fee.

The first one-third of the fee is paid to initiate the search
The second third is paid after the submittal of the short list of qualified candidates
The final third is paid upon hiring of the candidate

Priority Search

When your search requires dedicated attention from an expert recruiter to fill a critical position, a priority search is an excellent solution. Priority Search clients receive candidate exclusivity and the recruiter’s full, undivided attention until the job is complete. ASG will screen and meet all qualified candidates in person or virtually. 

Fee structure: Either a percentage of the candidate’s first-year earnings or an agreed upon flat fee

An agreed upon commitment fee due upon commencement of the search
The balance is due upon hiring of the candidate

Contingency Search

A contingency solution is an effective way to monitor the talent pool in the market and a no-risk strategy for adding top talent to your organization. It’s also a simple, efficient way to locate ASG candidates which can be compared to candidates you surface on your own. This agreement between the client and ASG is typically utilized for mid-level management positions. No financial commitment is required to begin the search. We direct our resources to identify, qualify, and recruit viable candidates compatible with your job requisition.

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