Increase the Quality of Your Hire with the McQuaig System


Angott Search Group offers a complete portfolio of services to help you grow your business. One of those valuable tools is The McQuaig System – a validated web-based set of assessment tools that help provide insight into a person’s temperament and how he or she might fit your company culture. The mechanism has the ability to assess the job fit – that tool analyzes the behavior requirements for the job and creates benchmarks to match against a candidate’s profile.

The Perfect Tool for: 

  • Team assessments
  • Evaluating a candidate for your organization
  • Determining the right culture fit

The McQuaig Word Survey measure’s an individual’s underling temperament by providing focused behavior-based interview questions. Temperament embodies key traits such as competitiveness, empathy, analytical thinking, sense of urgency and determination which are difficult to assess. This online, self assessment takes 15-20 minutes to complete and will help clearly depict your ideal candidate to enhance your ability to assess candidate and culture fit.