Electric Vehicle Startups

While long-established manufacturers are in various stages of reinventing the automobile via development and introduction of electric vehicles, a  host of upstart companies (Tesla, Byton, Bollinger, Rivian, Karma, Faraday –the list goes on and on) are on the market, in development or coming to your town soon.

It got me to thinking about the birth of the automobile well over a century ago and the companies who pioneered the industry. I decided to do some research (I Googled it) to determine just how many auto companies were developing and introducing motor vehicles in the early twentieth century on through to recent years.

We tend to reminisce about past classics; Cord, Pierce-Arrow, Duesenberg or modern-era favorites which have been discontinued – Mercury, Pontiac or Plymouth.  I reasoned that I would look up the names of automobiles of the past and for the purpose of this article, I would list them.

Surprise! I welcome you to perform a similar search.  The list is truly mind boggling; describing well-beyond two thousand manufacturers. There are some you’ve probably heard of:  Checker, Crosley and the classic Studebaker? While hundreds of others, accompanied I’m sure, by some fascinating stories are buried forever in history.

As the saying goes: “What goes around, comes around” as we witness a multi-billion dollar do-over with the growing cavalcade of new electric vehicles.  And just as the likes of the Abbott-Detroit (1909-18) or the Elcar (1915-31) evolved into a relatively small number of major players ruling the roost for the better part of a century, we’ll be seeing a big REPEAT unfolding. It’s going to be fascinating to experience and very expensive for the visionaries.

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