Hiring in 2019

Even with major shifts in corporate strategy reported by several auto manufacturers, most indicators point to yet another “year of the candidate” as recruiters fan out into the marketplace. Highly qualified “difference makers” – especially in coveted new-technology disciplines, will continue to be in limited supply. Unlike certain business cycles (the 1990’s come to mind) in modern history, income potential, while always a consideration, will not be the top priority for the most sought-after professionals.


It’s a given that a hiring company has a wish- list of preferred qualifications, accomplishments and most desirable attributes they seek in a contending candidate —- but, guess what? Top flight performers are also armed with a personal checklist. You can expect them to make a comprehensive evaluation of your company, too.

Technology, perceived career potential and company culture are of paramount importance to most job candidates. This is increasingly critical within an automotive industry experiencing revolutionary transformation. These rapid changes threaten to render obsolete, products and systems which have been staples for decades. Mr. or Ms. Top Producer currently employed by XYZ “Buggy Whip” Company won’t typically be interested in moving on to lateral technology.

Of equal and possibly greater importance; the most desirable candidates are observing (and taking notes) the various employees he/she will interface with during the company’s interview process…along with the process itself. Savvy people are capable of quickly assessing if a company has their proverbial act together. And, that “act” is never more exposed than during the evaluation cycle. From initial contact through final interview and (if applicable) job offer, the company which is most efficient, professional, transparent and expedient, will realize a competitive edge on their pathway to acquire top talent.

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