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Tips for Creating In-Office Experiences – Virtually!

Act the Part! This means – act like you are going into the physical office. Wake up at the same time, drink your coffee, read or watch the news, dress like you are heading into the office (make up, shaving, showering – the whole normal experience!) before you start your business day – don’t try to slide it in mid-day, it WILL impact your mental productivity. Plus, you never know who may ask you to connect via video unexpectedly!

Keep Your In-office Routine! Keep the eyeball to eyeball connectivity by using video conferencing for EVERYTHING! Create a standing meeting for morning meetings (even if you normally don’t do them) to create a positive, motivating connection each morning. Set up an open video conference over the typical lunch break time to allow the team to catch up on weekend debriefs, the latest episodes of whatever is trending on TV, family health checks and whatever other water cooler chat will be missed. And don’t underestimate the power of video conferencing for deal-review calls, 1:1 meetings, team meetings or even impromptu – all can be done via video conference.  Literally, nothing HAS to change workwise except for the place you are conducting business from.

Take a Break! Allow yourself a scheduled 15-minute break in the morning and the afternoon but keep yourself honest to your time. Productivity is best managed by keeping your office routine and schedule packed.

Practice First! Not everyone is tech savvy and working with video conferencing may take a few trials before it’s mastered. Set up your first meeting with the team for a non-critical event like a lunch break to work out the kinks.

Be Tolerant ! Not everyone has a perfect set up for home office working. We may joke about “kitchen table” recruiters, but the kitchen MAY be the only option for some. For the time being, ask your team to try to ensure the background of wherever they are is as “neutral” and non-distracting as possible, wherever they are. Things to help productivity: natural light, comfortable chair, snag your mouse from the office to avoid carpel issues and if you have an extra monitor at home or at the workplace that you can borrow temporarily, do so! Noise cancelling headphones will help minimize “at home” noises just as they do in the office.

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