The Automotive Business — Musical Chairs, anyone??


I’m always a bit awestruck when following the activities of automotive company executives and the leaders of their OEM suppliers. I often wonder what is on their minds as they head off to work each day. For example, beyond the prepared talking points or their pitch to Wall Street operatives, the top decision makers must be privately struggling when attempting to estimate how many electric vehicles (EV’s) they will actually sell this year and beyond.

I’m betting they’re also wrestling with an answer to the level of desirability the buying public will have in the years ahead for (currently red hot) SUV’s.
And, if consumer demand expands for EV’s, the auto executives will be faced with the challenge of how the market will absorb the millions of used, but still very useful gas-powered vehicles displaced by the EV’s.

The forecasted transition to electric vehicles (estimated to be five or ten years – and most likely, a bit more) is when I believe the transportation landscape, both consumer and corporate, will be rearranged dramatically.

This period of the unknown and the billions of dollars which will be required (wagered) to facilitate the new world of motion, is what must keep the ladies and gentlemen who occupy the proverbial corner offices, awake at night.

Much like the game of musical chairs, when the music stops…well, you know the rest.

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