The Day the Earth Stood Still

JAG ReSEARCH Fall 2019

The movie with the above title made its debut in 1951, with a remake borrowing cues from the first, released in 2008. The movie portrays anything and everything requiring power generation, grinding to a dead stop…thanks to visitors from outer space. Home appliances, automobiles, aircraft, escalators —bingo-zap- pow!

I imagine you’re reading this under electric lighting on your phone or computer screen. It’s a fair bet that your company, whatever your specialty, is functioning rather smoothly, too.  Machines are humming, meetings are in progress, goods are being shipped and company employees are traveling to places near and far.

But – how about your hiring process?  Would it be fair to say that recruiting the best people is also critical to the success of your company?

My tenure in the recruiting business began when Lee Iacocca ran Chrysler, and Henry Ford II could still be seen roaming the halls of his company. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different organizations, (some very fine people and companies) primarily in my specialty of automotive original equipment suppliers. I’ve learned that every company tends to have various steps which they follow when they decide to recruit a new employee, and many different methods and techniques have proved to be effective.

What strikes me the most is how unusually complicated and often lengthy the hiring process has become.

Corporations spend enormous amounts of time, energy and treasure making their processes: from design, to manufacturing, marketing, logistics and servicing their customers, as efficient and cost effective as possible. (Think “lean”).

I watch these organizations closely. I visit their offices and factories. From the executive suite to the shop floor, the efficiency is amazing.

Enter, the hiring process: I’m going to direct the following questions to the top company officials:

  • Is your firm acquiring the best people?
  • How many steps are involved in your hiring process? Too many? Too few?
  • How many staff members are assigned to the task and why?
  • Are you acquiring and on-boarding a new employee in days – weeks – months?
  • Do you believe candidates maintain a positive impression as they move through your interview process?
  • What about the people you don’t hire? What do you believe they’re thinking?
  • And this may be most important: How involved are you and/or your hiring manager(s) in your hiring process? My experience indicates this is the area which has seen the most reduction… and it’s the most critical.

Your team has worked hard. Your business is operating with leading edge proficiency.  If your hiring process is equally successful; congratulations!  We need to keep the elevators running and the lights turned on bright. It’s no time to stand still.

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