The “Infamous” Exhaust Pipe


Our publication marked its inaugural edition during the Summer of 1987.  A few years later, this feature column made its debut. Based upon comments received by several of our readers, it has become a popular addition each quarter.  Many people have even referred to the newsletter as “Exhaust Pipe” instead of by its official name, Re: Search.

Exhaust Pipe typically features a hodge-podge of subjects.  I tend to talk about cars – their technical advances, current production offerings and the classics. The recruiting and staffing process are often addressed, along with salary and employment statistics.  One of my personal favorites was the column I wrote about auto manufacturers changing, adding, deleting and even resurrecting model identification of their vehicles…or product badging moving from iconic names to alpha-numeric configurations…and sometimes returning (Hey there, Cadillac; what do you think?) to their original nameplates.

I’ve also taken a stab at the ever-changing trends in business jargon… like, “Thinking outside the box”, “Bottom line”, “At the end of the day”, etc.  – and how phrases become popular and then tend to (mostly) drift away. Lately, the word “granular” seems to be a buzzword heard at one very important meeting after another. Next year, I’m not so sure.

As I write this column –working remotely from home, we are deep into the CV-19 Pandemic. I truly hope the news will be improved when this reaches you. I believe when we arrive on the other side of this crisis, the transportation industry will prosper and grow in many traditional, as well as new and exciting directions.

One thing is for sure, there will be much to talk about in “Exhaust Pipe” going forward. In fact, I believe it might be time to “re-badge” this segment… “Inside the Lithium Battery”? … “High Voltage”?  “Re: Charging”?   😊 I suppose we’ll think of something.


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