What Inspires the ASG Team?!

Our team is ready to kick activity into high gear! As we dive into the second half of the year, each team member chose one word that describes how they will tackle their goals. 

Persistence “In these challenging times, we need to stay persistent and focus on reaching our goals.  We can’t worry about what’s happening around us, but need to keep pushing forward.” – Mark Angott

Positive – “A positive attitude is just as important as hard work.” – Charlie Tudor

Partnership –  “Being a trusted partner with my candidates and clients will always be a top priority for me. I am continuing to strive to build confident partnerships with new companies & individuals.” – Lisa Burroughs

Perseverance –  “The commitment and dedication I give to my clients and candidates to help them achieve their growth goals, even in the most challenging of times.  “ Bringing Great People and Great Companies Together” has remained my personal driver and passion throughout my career.” – Megan Uphoff

Building – “Establish and develop relationships for the long-term and helping clients build a strong foundation in these unique times. Be the trusted advisor for banks and credit unions throughout the Dakotas.” Nick Bell

Motivation – “A key component to unlocking and achieving true potential, but motivational triggers vary from person to person, especially during these unprecedented times. 2021 offers everyone the opportunity to play today safe or be Comeback Player of the Year!” – Pam Rank

Keep Sight – “With the endless distractions happening in the world, it can be easy to lose focus and get behind on our annual goals.  A goal without a plan is just a dream.” – Kevin McLean

Mentally Tough –  “No doubt, there are significant challenges in the banking industry right now but also great opportunities for us to work with forward thinking banks that are committed to continue to grow and thrive over the coming years.  Excited about the future!” – John Radebaugh

Collaboration – “Continued professional growth is dependent on the collaboration of minds. When we are able to expand our vision and incorporate the ideas of others, it truly takes the concept of teamwork to a higher level. Never stop learning from one another.” – Kortney South

Clarity –  “Clear picture every day of what needs to be done and a clear plan on how to execute it.” – Tom Blackwell

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