Customized Solutions

Choose the Solution that Works Best for You

Don’t need a full search? Angott Search Group offers a variety of specialty solutions tailored to your hiring process with choices designed for your organization. By offering customized solutions, we can establish a true partnership built upon a deep understanding of your business’s needs, how to meet your requests and accomplish your goals.

Testing and Assessment

Our tools determine an individual’s aptitude, personality and skillset as it relates to your company’s position requirements.

Relocation Services

We provide estimated moving costs and put candidates in touch with local vendors, provide full-service relocation package at no cost to candidate or employee or get into school research, etc.

Internal Talent Assessment

We can offer to interview and provide testing as needed to determine the best internal candidate for promotion or hire.

Resume Review

Getting flooded with resumes from a job posting? Let us screen and review top candidates for you.

Background Checking

We offer full access to pre-employment screening services to verify a candidate’s education and criminal records.

Candidate Sourcing

We will provide a short list of potential candidates, including contact information so your team can start recruiting.

Recruitment Process Outsource

Discover how to create a strategic partnership that encompasses accountability, continuous improvement, and access to top talent and most importantly, create a talent acquisition model that helps you reach your business and financial objectives. We can take over your entire recruiting process from A to Z.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is an organization’s dynamic ability to look at the future and prepare tomorrow’s talent today. We can help companies obtain this competitive advantage by developing a formal plan that will promote the culture and mission of the organization.

Reference Checking

For candidates you identify, whether internal or external, we can take on the burden of professional reference checking.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Give us a chance. Connect with us to see how we can build a partnership today.