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A growing financial services division that is part of a global shipping and mailing company that provides technology, logistics, and financial services to more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500 had launched a new line of business. The client found that it was difficult to find the right talent for the role. I helped them find their Working Capital Division Manager for a year-old division that is expecting tremendous growth.

Credit Union

Client’s Credit Union CEO was concerned with planning for her pending retirement in a year-and-a-half. She contacted us to discuss how we might be able to help her and the Board plan ahead.

We put together a development plan for each candidate (internal candidates included) to help them bridge the gaps over the next year. We will do an assessment at the end of the year and report back to the Board on how well they align with what the Board is looking for (including education and experiences.)

Even if an internal candidate is not selected for the CEO role, using this process will help those internal candidates feel like the Board has sincerely considered them and was willing to invest in their development to give them the best opportunity. This process will help to retain these employees if they are not selected as the successor to the CEO.

General Management

The other referral was a company who we had touched on several occasions. They were having difficulty recruiting on their own and with another outside firm they were using. Based on the caliber of candidates we presented and our process, the hiring authority referred us to another division at his company, and we made a placement with that other hiring manager in addition to our original work.

General Management

Winning work often results in strong referrals. This client company is in environmental services, and we competed for two director-level positions by pitching an engaged search and competing against two other recruitment firms. While our proposal and discovery calls went well, we believe we secured the project based on the strong referral of a subsidiary company where we placed a senior level executive a few years prior.

General Management

A southeast Michigan-based professional services company was having a difficult time finding a senior level HR Executive. We won the day in our proposal and began the search, focusing on southeast Michigan location.

Over the years, it has been my experience that, sometimes, recruiting people who live outside the state — but who have lived in the state or have other connections — are often very strong candidates who are highly motivated and end up being the best candidate who gets over the goal line.

We found a very strong candidate in Arizona who attended school in Michigan and, as it turns out, was motivated to move back to Michigan. Her relocation was not complicated, and we worked out an acceptable package for all parties to get her hired! She was very grateful for the opportunity and has since been promoted.


ASG engaged in an assignment to assist with the succession plan of a long-time, C-Level executive located within the client’s North American facility in Detroit.

We conducted a search for his replacement on behalf of this global manufacturer of capital equipment which is headquartered in Europe (in conjunction with the outgoing executive and the management team based on two continents) for a Global Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. An extensive process surfaced several qualified candidates, ultimately narrowing the field to two finalists. Both candidates were highly qualified, with the preference split among the departing executive and the management team based in the USA and Europe.

A deeper dive into motives for change, extensive references and a keen understanding of company culture resulted in an offer and acceptance from the finalist. Two years later, the company is thriving and their CSMO is well-established and successful.

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