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Do You Know Your Own Company Culture?

Author: Nick Bell (605) 937-5577 |

Do you know your own Culture?

Culture is something a lot of people talk about but can’t readily define. I know that when I ask a client company what makes them stand out, a predictable response is “their culture”. A typical follow-up question I have is asking what that internal environment looks like, and quite frankly, the response is usually generic. Culture is something that isn’t always easily put into words and often involves being around it firsthand to really grasp. Thinking about your Company’s why is something that needs to be carefully considered.

Not having a concise description can make attracting and retaining talent difficult.

A company needs to know what actually makes them unique, think past pizza parties and the occasional game table sitting in a breakroom. Are the relationships that have formed from within the organization what makes your culture unique? Do not overcomplicate your company’s perks. Think flexible schedule, high-retention, internal advancement, or the atmosphere are just a few areas to consider to get the ball rolling. The intangibles are what attract and retain employees (more than the occasional food) and make people want to come work for you. Knowing what makes an organization special is one way of signaling the core values and builds that “culture” everyone seemingly has in their company.

Spring is Here

Well, Spring is no longer just around the corner as we finally move into April and start a new quarter. From what I’ve been hearing in the market, most financial institutions have seen an up-tick in activity across the board. I believe that trend will continue or even pick up as the summer months quickly approach.

With that thought, do not hesitate to reach out if there are changes on the horizon for you or your organization that you need help with or if you are just simply looking for some market intel. I’m always happy to chat and be a resource where I can for you.

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