Managing Director

Lisa Burroughs, SPHR, SHRM

Base Location

Clearwater, Florida

Industry Experience

Lisa brings a wealth of expertise to the table, particularly in the financial industry with a focus on credit unions. With a background spanning many years, she has honed a deep understanding of the skills and competencies essential for leadership in financial institutions.

She has worked for three credit unions in executive roles, including serving as COO for the League of Southeastern Credit Unions for-profit company, LEVERAGE. This role equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of credit unions, providing her with valuable insights into the operational aspects of these financial organizations.

In 2016, Lisa took a new direction by leveraging her extensive knowledge to contribute to talent acquisition within the credit union sector. Transitioning into a role focused on recruitment, she began using her firsthand experience and understanding of the industry to identify and attract top talent. Her unique perspective, having walked in the shoes of credit union professionals, gives her a distinctive advantage in recognizing the specific qualities required for success in these roles.

Because she’s been in their shoes, she knows what it takes to fill them, and she uses this invaluable knowledge to find the just right talent for ASG’s credit union clients.

(727) 275-7544


  • START DATE: May 2020
  • EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Master of Business Administration, Central Michigan University; Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Central Michigan University
  • COMMUNITY/INDUSTRY INVOLVEMENT: Global Women’s Leadership Network & Florida Sisters Society
  • FAVORITE QUOTE: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
  • HOBBIES & PASSIONS: SCUBA diving, golf, fitness, foodie, and spending time with her nieces and nephews, who call her Lala.
  • FAMILY: No surprise here: Lisa is part of a credit union family. Her husband, daughter, and son all work within the industry.