Tom Blackwell

Base Location

Nashville, Tennessee

Industry Experience

Innovative is the first word we think of when we think of Tom Blackwell. With experience in the banking and automotive industries, Tom is known for making things happen.

Tom started a banking desk from scratch at Protis Executive Innovations in the early 2000s after being a finance director in the car business, and he moved his family from Nashville, Tennessee, to Indianapolis, Indiana.

After building a successful practice and almost 7 years at Protis, Tom decided to make a change and ultimately landed at Angott Search Group in the banking practice. Tom plays a pivotal role in recruiting for various positions within community banks across Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and St. Louis, Missouri. This role showcases his expertise in talent acquisition and his deep understanding of the banking sector.

(248) 453-0103


  • START DATE: January 2009
  • EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Bachelor’s Degree, Bible, 1989
  • COMMUNITY/INDUSTRY INVOLVEMENT: Sponsorship Director with White House High School Touchdown Club and a volunteer at the local church.
  • ON HIS BUCKET LIST: Own a small farm.
  • FAVORITE QUOTE: “You gotta hang in there like a hair in a biscuit!”
  • HOBBIES & PASSIONS: Coaching and family (nice and sweet).
  • FAMILY: Married, 6 kids, 2 still at home (The rest are off the payroll).