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Loose Change Newsletter | Spring 2023

Author: Nick Bell (605) 937-5577 |

Optimistic Market

It’s fair to say that in the last few months, there have been a few attention-grabbing headlines in the news surrounding the banking and financial industry.

Between a coupleof bank failures and a rising interest rate environment, there has been plenty to keep people nervous or even spooked about the future.

Despite that, I continue to hear a general trend of optimism throughout the market. From CEOs to individuals just getting their start there’s a cautious positivity that most seem to have.

While there are some challenges to work through and plans to consider, there isn’t a lot of negativity from within the industry itself. Most seem to be bullish about the future and confident in the strength of the system as a whole.

With quarter two underway there’s still a lot of the year left to think about and even a few things to worry about but if the word on the street is any indication, everything should be just fine.

Shift in Hiring Requirements

Finding candidates is hard and finding good people with the qualifications you need is even harder. This continued strain seems to be forcing more companies to reconsider their old thoughts on what’s needed for someone to be hired.

One area that has opened has been educational requirements. While it is still a plus for most employers, more companies are no longer requiring higher education and are more likely to consider those with general work experience or non-traditional four-year degrees. It’s an area that could open a whole new pool of applicants and bring new people to the industry that may have never had the chance.

A different spot is the experience requirements themselves. While actual job experience is still desired, more organizations are looking to other industries to fill their roles. Salespeople may be hired for lending roles, bookkeepers for credit positions and even those that just might have an aptitude for a certain area but lack the background.

It’s a tricky thing to expand requirements for a job but keeping it narrowed enough to bring in good potential fits. One benefit of doing this is that we could see a new generation of well experienced employees that never attended a four-year university but have real-world experience to succeed.

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