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Loose Change Newsletter | Summer 2023

Author: Nick Bell (605) 937-5577 |

May Feel like a Crawl, but still Moving.

Even though things have slowed down there’s still some movement going on in the marketplace. Good companies are looking to hire the right individuals and quality candidates are still exploring the next great opportunity. You may feel the slow crawl in finding both new contenders and new jobs, but nothing has shut off the market quite yet!

Over the next few months, there is a sense of a growing sentiment of optimism that could translate into a bit less of a tight job market. While it doesn’t seem likely that a large group of people will be changing jobs, the appetite to try something different could loosen the market up and help the job economy get back to a more manageable scenario for companies who are hiring. Even if the market does shift, there will still be a high demand for good people, which bodes well for those looking to make a career move over the next few years.

How is Your Process?

Both parties, the company, and the candidate are heavily involved when it comes to new employment. That is no secret. The hiring companies need to identify the skills and experience they’re looking for along with what the scope of a role will be before they begin to even attempt to attract talent. On the other side, prospective candidates need to assess if a potential opportunity fits in with their near and long-term career goals along with deciding if it would be a better situation for them and their families than their current position. Needless to say, there are countless other details for each party to get into as well.

One part of hiring that I think often gets overlooked, is the actual interviewing process. A lot of time passes from the submitted application to the candidate’s actual acceptance of the job. It’s not as simple as just liking a resume, calling them for an interview, and bringing them in to meet before extending an offer. A well-thought plan of action can often be the difference between making the right hire and missing out on good talent.

As a hiring company, you should begin by setting a general timeline for how quickly you would like to move once you receive an application. If you receive a qualified candidate, give them a call. You simply can’t wait for more applicants. Make sure to explain your hiring process and the expected duration to the candidate upfront. Here is an example of what this would sound like, “We usually arrange for the candidate to meet our managers and the entire team on a couple of occasions before finalizing a decision. These meetings typically wrap up within a few weeks.”

Obviously, some flexibility will be needed with scheduling interviews. Life happens, but don’t let the wind get taken out of the sails. Make sure you communicate with your candidates and inform them of any changes or if you’re going to pass on them and do so promptly. Nothing leaves a bad taste in someone’s mouth like getting ghosted or waiting several weeks for an answer.

If you’re the one getting interviewed, you should also be considering what your process is going to be as well. Take into consideration when you would realistically be able to start a job, what other commitments you have, and whether this is something you could see yourself doing now. You will be in a good position to interview once you have those questions answered. Once you start the process, make sure you’ve done your homework on the hiring company, have questions prepared, be transparent and communicate with them your expectations.

Hiring is a two-way street and making sure that you’re fully prepared for it no matter the side you’re on will save you a lot of time and impress whoever you’re dealing with.

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