Financial Services

Financial Expertise You Can Bank On. 

From problem-solving and communications to customer service and the ability to work with numbers—the vast combination of skills necessary for success at all levels of banking make locating exceptional candidates difficult.

From Officers to Executives, there are several reasons why locating and recruiting superior financial services leaders is a core strength of ASG. Perhaps the most important reason is that our recruiters are all financial services experts possessing robust experience and comprehensive industry knowledge. With a first-hand, real-world perspective, they have a clear understanding of the traits and characteristics necessary to succeed in various roles in this unique and demanding industry.

Furthermore, ASG has developed profound, long-lasting relationships within an influential network of financial services professionals, which affords us exclusive access to a superior candidate pool and the ability to fulfill intricate and challenging hiring needs.

From local community financial services companies to multi-billion dollar national firms, over the last four decades, we’ve had the privilege of serving many prestigious organizations. Today, we’d welcome the opportunity to serve your leadership hiring needs.

INDUSTRY ENGAGEMENT While they have become highly effective recruiters, our financial services team remains heavily involved in the financial services industry, supporting the interests of banks, credit unions and insurance companies throughout the US as active leaders in multiple financial services associations, including:  

  • Association for Corporate Growth
  • Community Bankers Association of Ohio
  • Community Bankers of Michigan
  • Indiana Bankers Association
  • Illinois Bankers Association
  • Kentucky Bankers Association
  • Michigan Bankers Association
  • Ohio Bankers League
  • Risk Management Association
  • Tennessee Bankers Association
  • Turnaround Management Association

Financial Services Recruitment Leaders

Mark Angott

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
(248) 453-0105 | Email

JT Westendorf, CSPC

(248) 453-0107 | Email

Megan Uphoff, CSAM

Managing Director
(248) 453-0078 | Email

Charlie Tudor, CSAM

Managing Director
(248) 453-0072 | Email

Lisa Burroughs, SPHR, SHRM

Managing Director
(727) 275-7544 | Email

Tom Blackwell

248-453-0103 | Email

John Radebaugh

(615) 224-8507 | Email

Nick Bell

(605) 937-5577 | Email

Pam Rank

Executive Search Consultant
(248) 453-0096 | Email

Kortney South

Executive Search Consultant
(248) 453-0106 | Email

Jennifer Blackwell

Executive Search Consultant
(615) 235-7000 | Email