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Re:Search | Winter 2023

Author: Joe Giacomin (248) 453-0092 |

The Art of Listening

Is it just me, or do you often find yourself engaged in a “conversation” … whether it’s in-person, on the telephone, or via video call, and the individual you’re attempting to converse with just keeps babbling; making it difficult to get a word in “edgewise”? They will say something and when you attempt to respond, they immediately say something else – and so forth.

There is a crisis that I believe exists in the science (and art) of communication. And while I won’t attempt to dive into a deep analysis on the subject, here are a few things to think about.

Whether it’s a business associate, a relative, a friend, or the diversity of people we come in contact with every day. I believe people need to listen more intently and subscribe to the basics of proper conversation, i.e. I will say something while you listen, then you will say something while I listen –it seems simple enough.

We have more methods of delivering and receiving information than any time in history, yet I find that the information people absorb, arrives in small “bites”… whether online, via text message, or “maybe” passing by a television. Let me ask: Do you ever wish that instead of a quick text or e-mail (very effective and convenient at times) that a person would actually telephone, schedule a video call or (perish the thought) visit you IN PERSON??

In my recruiting practice, it drives me a little bit crazy when I’m attempting to negotiate with a client and/or candidate, and bits and pieces of very important information are being texted or e-mailed back and forth –often with lengthy lag-times – when a live conversation for even a few minutes, would benefit all parties.

It would be easy to focus on the younger generation as the inventors of verbal impairment but, due to available technology and a paradigm shift on how people communicate – or don’t communicate, all segments of society can share at least some responsibility.

Are alternatives to live conversation simply a matter of time and convenience? Have we become lazy? Or, has the emergence of the many tremendous tools of communication short-circuited the art of intelligent and effective verbal communication?

It’s probably best to utilize every available method of communication based upon circumstances. However, I believe…first and foremost, effective verbal exchanges should be the centerpiece of your communication arsenal. Let’s talk to each other!!

Automotive / OEM Sales Salary Survey 

In 2022, the average base salary (assured earnings paid to Metro-Detroit area Automotive OEM supplier sales professionals) was:


This represents a modest increase of $1,494.00 in comparison to the 2021 figure of $125,166.00

The survey is comprised of OEM sales professionals (does not include management or entry-level candidates) with at least five years of experience calling directly on automotive manufacturers and/or Tier One and Two suppliers.

Additional analysis:

We have witnessed a broad salary variance (depending on levels of experience and qualifications) during 2022. The smaller overall increase is due in part to a reduction in new vehicle production and the challenges (timing, expanded technology, and investment) of the oncoming electric vehicle market.

We forecast an increase in new search assignments in the coming year as the microchip shortage declines coupled with a (documented) substantial increase in new tooling orders.

Hiring authorities who may have previously “slow walked” their staffing plans are expected to accelerate hiring schedules as they compete to attract the very best from a shrinking talent pool. As a result, it is very realistic to expect salary averages to surpass the 2022 average.

** Compensation such as commission, bonus, benefits, expenses, and company vehicles/allowances have been excluded from the analysis. The earnings average is for guaranteed first-year salary only.

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